Tosh.O is a f^%king hilarious show. But it has to be one of the easiest shows to create, There is an assload of amazing videos online. I could literally sit around all day and watch stupid videos and not have any of them include porn. The internet has not only gave humans an endless source of information, but has also made us dumber at the same time. With such viral classics as "two girls one cup", "In da butt" and "Charlie bit my finger", what has 2011 offered? Actually a lot. Surprisingly, Justin Beiber still holds the top spot for "most viewed" Youtube video, for his video "Baby". But WE know there are far more better videos than that. Especially in 2011.


In 2011, most of us have seen "Mountain biker gets nailed by antelope", "Two babies talking to each other" and "E-harmony chick loves cats". These viral videos have become such a huge part of our lives. Some cheer us up. Some Make us cry. Some even inspire us. Youtube has become yet another way for individuals to express their thoughts and personality to everyone. Without needing a recording contract or an acting career.

Thanks to the list at, I have a few good ones from 2011 to share.

#15 on's list:
Ninja Squirrel vs Stoners

#22 on's list:
Donkey Fart Interupts Interview

And one of my favorites:
Pantera Baby

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