Wear Your Roots, Photo by Angel
Wear Your Roots, Photo by Angel

Holiday shopping, you either love it, or you loathe it. No matter how you feel about it, you have to get it done sooner or later. Here are my suggestions for 6 Missoula stops that will make it easy on you. Seriously, if you can't check off everybody on your list in these 6 stops or less, you're kickin' it with the wrong people.

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    Ear Candy Music

    The obvious choice for all of your vinyl, CD and cassette tape needs. But you can also find some killer Missoula-centric shirts, like throw backs to Jay's Upstairs, and it's really the only place to get new and classic local band t-shirts.

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    The Green Light

    From babies to old folks and all wise asses in between, there is a t-shirt for everybody and anybody at The Green Light. Especially if you're shopping for the home sick or your out of town relatives.

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    Altered Skin

    Let's be serious here: who wouldn't be excited about FREE fresh ink? Your grandmother, perhaps, but even she could probably go for a daith piercing to help with her migraines. When you just cannot hit another crowded store, swing into Altered and take care of your entire list with gift cards.

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    Wear Your Roots

    You know those air hammocks you see at festivals? The ones that work kind of like a windsock, but magically turn into a loungy chair? Wear Your Roots is where to get those locally. No matter if your gift receiver is a hiker, biker or festival goer, they absolutely need an air hammock in their backpack at all times.

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    Rockin' Rudy's

    From a rubber chicken to a Primus poster to locally made greeting cards to Montana made jewelry, Rockin' Rudy's is THE must stop shop for stocking stuffers and  a gift for the pain in the ass on your list who already owns everything.

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    As much as you want to keep your shopping local, a Target run in inevitable. Especially with those evil, enticing $1-$3 bins at the entrance. Plus their toys are affordable.

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    BONUS: Mary's Mountain Cookies

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