Tool will be hitting the road next month for their first shows since 2010. 11 dates have been announced so far, starting January 14th in Reno, Nevada and wrapping up February 8th in Duluth, Georgia. There's no word whether Tool will be tacking on any more dates, but frontman Maynard James Keenan is hitting the road with his side band Puscifer at the end of February.

Ex-Drowning Pool singer Ryan McCombs has officially re-joined his old band, Soil full-time. McCombs hooked up with Soil for the fall U.K. tour celebrating the 10th anniversary of their Scars album and then left Drowning Pool in November. McCombs is joined in this Soil lineup by fellow original members Adam Zadel and Tim King, along with ex-Staind drummer Jon Wysocki. The quartet will go on a U.S tour in February.

Kid Rock announced yesterday that he's bought 1,200 $25 gift cards that he'll plans to give away in Detroit as a Christmas present to people in need in his hometown. The gift cards will be distributed via area radio stations, and are redeemable at any local Meijer store. Last year, Kid Rock donated 1,000 meals in the same way around Thanksgiving, and since the reaction was so great he has upped the number this year. Rock's camp also says he plans to make a major announcement early next year about another charitable act that will also be focused on Detroit.

And in News That Produces Evil Chuckles...(from nypost.com)

Courtney Love is being evicted from her West Village townhouse after she set it on fire and “ruined” its designer décor.

The owner of the West 10th Street house has gone to court to kick out the Hole rocker, who’s been renting the landmarked four-story building for 10 months at $27,000 a month.

Owner Donna Lyon claims Love, 46, has damaged the property, altering its designer interior by painting over hand-finished walls, and owes over $50,000 rent.

This is according to the New York Post, read more here.

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