Great news for our winners, sad news for you. At least you still have the 17th Blaze Birthday Bash to look forward to!

Jordan and Lee found the keg at the trail head of the hiking trail in Rattlesnake. They win free beer for a year from Bayern Brewing! Huge thanks for Bayern for being on board this year. Our gratitude also going out to John Wicks & Dayv Drake for helping with video clues.

Your clues explained:

Searching for free beer is all good, keep your eyes open in the hood. (Rattlesnake is a Missoula neighborhood.)

Train like a beast. (If you approach the Rattlesnake from the south, you must cross train tracks.)

Finding the keg may take a prayer, especially if you run into a bear. (On the way to the keg's location, there is a church, and then a beware of bears sign.)

Your dentist gave you a clue when he made your dentures. (Upper and lower.)

Americans don't like it tiny. (Mount Jumbo)

You don't have to be a 12th man to appreciate this letter. (The letter 'L' is the 12th letter of the alphabet.)

Good luck next year and keep an ear out for upcoming contests including your chance to win Slayer/Lamb Of God tickets in May and our Rad Dad contest in June!

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