You hate to hear about events in Missoula getting canceled, but sometimes there is just nothing you can do.

Many of you were incredibly stoked to welcome "Fights Under The Lights" back this weekend at Ogren Allegiance Feild. Unfortunately, the show cannot go on. Earlier today the Fusion Fight League CEO, Terrill Bracken, made a statement:

I regretfully have to inform our fans that we will not be holding our show Saturday night in Missoula, due to cirmcustances beyond our control. We cannot put on the quality of show that lives up to Fusions's standard. In the last two weeks we have lost numerous fighters, including the maine event fighter, due to injuries, and in one case, an out of state coach being in a very serous accident. ...  We are working hard to reschedule the outdoor show, and will be bnack on September 22nd at the Adams Center, with the phenomenal show you expect from Fusion. ... Refunds have been issued, and should be recieved within 5-7 business days. -Terrill Bracken, Fusion Fight League CEO

I can't imagine how frustrated all of these organizers and fighters feel. How would you feel after training your butt off, taking beatings, and cutting weight for your big shot only for that chance to be canceled? We get it. Life happens, man. I just hope all of these fighters and coaches heal up and are ready to rock come September. As soon as more details are released, we'll update you asap. You can read the full Fusion Fight League statement via their Facebook.

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