I am a big fan of having, as Dane Cook would say, "Cinematic Experiences"! Movies have always held a spot in my heart. It is one of the greatest inventions man has created next to "The Clapper", Beer, and indoor plumbing. On Thursday, Carmike Cinemas will unveil the next level in the evolution of Movies. They call it the "Big D Ultimate Entertainment Experience".
What is The "Big D"?
* It is 1 of only 7 in the entire country.
* It a wall to wall screen measuring 3 stories high.
* Gold Standard in unparalleled picture clarity and deep resonating Digital Sound.
* Super comfy "plush leather high-back rocking seats"

When I asked a buddy who got to sneak a peek at the theater I asked what he thought of the new "Big D", he told me that it would "blow my friggin mind". I also asked if it was anything like an IMAX. And he replied "IMAX is sooooo 2004".

On Thursday you will get your chance to see to Experience the "Big D" and score heaven points at the same time. Carmike 10 is holding a charity event to unveil the 2 huge theaters. They will be showing "Transformers: Dark Side Of The Moon". You may have allready seen the movie, but never like this. Tickets are gonna be only $5 and they will also feature a $1 menu for candy, soda and popcorn. The UM dance Team and UM band will be there to perform. But the best part is, that all proceeds will go to the Missoula Food Bank and The Poverello Center. So not only do you get to see a mind boggling movie for cheap, but you will also be hooking up heaven points.

Yours Truly and Angel will have a whole grip of passes to Thursdays event, so make sure and be listening all this week for your chance to be one of the first in Montana to experience the " BIG D".