This past weekend, The Roxy Theater was supposed to screen their very first movie for Hip Strip Movie Night, a series of free outdoor screenings that are set to take place in the parking lot outside of the Missoula Senior Center, right across the street from the theater. The movie they were planning to show was Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse, which is one of my favorites, so I was pretty excited for it... and then, the weather decided not to cooperate. It rained all day on Sunday, so the Roxy announced pretty early in the day that the night's screening had been cancelled, but that they would also be announcing some titles for the rest of the summer soon.

And sure enough, they did! The Roxy's website now has the full lineup available for Hip Strip Movie Night this summer. And remember - these events are totally free. You can bring your own chairs, or you can rent a chair once you arrive. Here's what you can expect to see this summer and when you'll see it:

6/20 - The Royal Tenenbaums

6/27 - The General with a live score by Travis Yost

7/11 - High Fidelity

7/18 - Do The Right Thing

8/1 - The Breakfast Club

8/8 - School of Rock

9/12 - Point Break

That's a pretty stellar lineup of movies right there - plus, of course, The Roxy is still working with the Paddleheads for Centerfield Cinema this summer at Ogren Park. And, The Roxy Garden will be hosting events and screenings. AND The Roxy Theater itself is finally reopening on June 4th.

In 2020, our moviegoing options were pretty limited - so it's only fitting that in 2021, we go hard in the other direction. Movies are back! Which of these Hip Strip Movie Nights are you most exciting to check out?

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