As per usual for June in Missoula, the weather did not want to cooperate this past weekend. That was not going to stop the 2022 Pride Parade from taking place. This past Saturday, Higgins st and downtown Missoula was filled with bright rainbow colors. Hundreds of people took their chances with the possibility of rain and lined the streets to celebrate Missoula Pride.

What an amazing turnout and show of support for the LGBTQ+ community.

The Pride Parade, as well as all the other fun events this past weekend, was organized by The Center, an LGBTQ+ community center here in Missoula.

According to the Missoula Pride website

The Western Montana Community Center serves as the hub for many in the LGBTQ+ community throughout Western Montana and will be the center point for Missoula Pride. We could not do this without the collaboration of those from a wide array of local organizations and community groups including, but not limited to: Gay Health Task Force, Open Aid Alliance, Missoula Paddleheads, Lambda Alliance, All Nations Health Center, Montana Two-Spirit Society, and Empowerment.

The parade consisted of everything from politicians showing their support for Pride, to churches. Even our pal Mark Heyka showed up, with his handy rainbow umbrella.

For an overcast day, downtown Missoula was filled with bright beautiful colors.

BIG THANKS to S. Kelley Art Photography and for going above and beyond to share with us pictures from the event. If you missed any of the parade floats, feel free to check out 30 of our favorites.

Missoula Pride Parade 2022

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