We've been doing our best to keep you updated on just about everything that's happening this year with Missoula Pride. From Draught Works' launch party for the official beer of Missoula Pride, to the Pride Fun Run and Walk hosted by Run Wild Missoula, to the Zootown Arts Community Center gearing up for their Pride Revival Comedy Night - there's pretty much something for everybody in Missoula who wants to celebrate Pride Month.

And we really do mean everybody - if you're looking to celebrate during Pride Weekend but you ALSO want to rock out to some heavy metal, you will still be covered in Missoula.

The Dark Horse is Hosting a Heavy Metal Pride Night

That's right, you can head out to this epic show, do some moshing, and help out Missoula Pride in the process.

The Dark Horse in Missoula is known for their awesome metal shows, and this one is no exception: you've got Blessiddoom, Damned Dirty Vultures, Hanover Fiist, and Intice all scheduled to perform on Saturday, June 4th, beginning at 8 PM.

This is actually perfect timing - you can head to the Pride Parade earlier in the day, hang out at the street party for a while after, and still make your way over to the Dark Horse for this concert.

Tickets for the show are $8, and $4 from every tickets sold are going to help out the Western Montana Community Center. That's 50% of the proceeds!

For more info on Heavy Metal Pride night at the Dark Horse, check out the event page on the Missoula Pride website.

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