The beautiful weather brought everybody out of their houses this past weekend. It also appears to have brought everybody out of their garages as well. The Saturday cruise has returned to Reserve Street this summer, and tons of people participated. The streets were lined with spectators, as dozens of beautiful vehicles paraded up and down Reserve street. I got to witness part of the action, as I waited for a table at Rowdy's Cabin. It truly was a spectacle. Everything from vintage hot rods, to tricked out side by sides.

J. Stewart Photography was there to capture some of the gorgeous rides on film. He even put together a short video highlighting some of cars.

If you missed the cruise this past weekend, the Missoula Cruisers Facebook page appears to be organizing another cruise this Saturday May 22nd.

According to the event page

We don't care what you cruise, it's the fact your out cruising. The crowd loves to see new rides! Keep the parking lots clean and no burnouts in the lots! Stay safe in the streets and have a good time! Keep in mind, people want to see the rides in the street, and they expect us on the road by 7ish

Whether your driving in the cruise or just kicking it on the curb. The Saturday cruise is a great reason to get out of the house. I guarantee that your eyes will light up when you see some of the vehicles cruising up and down the street.

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