Dave Grohl has written so many songs that are literally or loosely about triumphing over adversity that it's difficult to pick just one that would work when describing the Foo Fighters' current situation. As Grohl has persevered after breaking his leg during a concert in Sweden, the obvious choice would be "My Hero," but you could also easily go with "Best of You," "Times Like These" or even "This is a Call."

For the purpose of this story, however, we'll refer to "Walk" from 2011's Wasting Light, on which Grohl sings about picking himself up and learning to walk again after starting over – which is pretty close to where he is now. The world's nicest rock star – who has taken to performing in an over-the-top throne – told Entertainment Weekly that breaking his leg was a "blessing in disguise" because it forced the band to reinvent themselves during their current tour.

“The shows we’ve been doing lately are our favorite shows that we’ve ever done,” said. “What seemed like a setback at the time has turned into this beautiful blessing in disguise, where this throne and these crutches and these audiences make us play longer and harder than we ever have. It’s this whole new energy in the show.”

Just the other day, he played a guitar solo with his cast.

As for that throne (the one Grohl said he designed while high on painkillers), he said he knew he had to come up with something for the band's 20th anniversary concert on the Fourth of July because he couldn't “just sit on a stool like Paul Simon.”

"The idea of the throne is just f--king ridiculous, especially for a band that has never relied on any kind of production at all,” he said. “We usually just put the amps on the stage, turn on the lights, and play. Now we’ve got this throne that shoots lights and smoke out of it and looks like a f---ing UFO with guitar necks stuck in it.”

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