Dez Fafara is happily spending the spring reuniting with his original band Coal Chamber, but the re-emergence of the group doesn't mean that DevilDriver will be away for too long. The vocalist reveals in a new interview that the early stages of writing for a new album is already underway.

He told The Rockpit, "I'm recording a new DevilDriver record at the end of this year. I'm sitting on 12 blistering songs that I'm in love with and I'm recording those [in] October-November this year and sometime next year [in] spring/summer/fall, I'm going to release another DevilDriver record and get right back in a DevilDriver cycle. I don't want DevilDriver sitting around too long but we definitely needed to take a break out of the markets and a break from touring for a little bit."

Speaking of the need to give DevilDriver a break, the singer added, "It wasn't even just a case of burn out, we put out a record every two years solid for 12 years and we never really took a year off between touring which most bands do. And it was like 'You know what? Let's recharge.' Mike [Spreitzer] went home and does his studio and is surfing everyday, I was helping to re-do my studio here as well and by the time they were all ready which is now ... I mean they have been writing daily and sending me songs nightly ... by the time we all get done here, we'll probably get in July-August with about 20 songs and I'll start narrowing it down and then we'll get together in October-November and do a record. I'll tell you now, it's definitely going to be something blistering! The music is on a different level right now with what's going on with DevilDriver."

DevilDriver have also undergone some lineup changes since the last album. Austin D'Amond was the first to join, taking over on drums for John Boecklin, while Neal Tiemann came on board to play guitar for Jeff Kendrick.

So for the time being, enjoy Coal Chamber and the Rivals album and tour cycle, but expect DevilDriver to return with new music in 2016.

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