Heinz Ketchup is rolling out a huge, new promotion, and, when it comes to Montana, they have jokes.

The Big Sky State is known for many pretty unique things. Delicious fruit like Flathead Cherries and Huckleberries always come to mind. Well, Montanans know that were are also pretty famous for another cuisine that has put us on the map. We might not want to be known for it, but that didn't stop Heinz Ketchup from pulling what might be an amazing prank.

Right now the Ketchup giant is running a huge contest. Here is the basic breakdown. They have released a limited promotional run of specialty ketchup packets with each state and what common food pairs up. Think Idaho/Potatoes or Wisconsin/ Fried Cheese Curds. They are calling the "United States of Suacemerica". (Their marketing department must have spent a lot of late nights coming up with that).

Now the idea is to collect and photograph as many state packets as you can and submit them to the official site to hopefully win some prizes like gift cards or even cash. Some local Montana Redditor recently ran across the state packet for Montana, and I'm pretty sure we just got Punk'd.

Now, while you don't want to put Ketchup on Flathead Cherries or Huckleberries, the tomato condiment does go great on another Montana culinary specialty: Rocky Mountian Oysters.

Seriously check out the packet picture here!

Californians get a burger and fries, Texas gets Beef Brisket, and we get Fried Bull Testicles. Touche, Heinz.

Now while most of the state might be a little bummed, Rock Creek did host the biggest and most popular Testicle Festival for many years. We were just reminiscing about the craziness that would take place every Summer. 

My first thought is maybe we should invite some Heinz executives to Montana to try out some other famous Big Sky dishes and maybe gives us another sauce packet shot, but then again we have enough rich out-of-staters visiting and deciding to buy land after a quick visit, maybe we'll just take the Bull Testicle packet and keep quiet.

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