If you've lived in Montana chances are you've eaten a Flathead Cherry. They are Montanan as Flathead Cherry Pie, and according to comedian Theo Von, they are even more than that.

Flathead Cherries, much like Huckleberries, can only grow in a very specific climate. That's one reason they are so very special. Have you ever traveled to California and asked for a Huckleberry Moscow Mule or a bag of Flathead Cherries? They'll look at you like a crazy person and ask you if you want to sell your Montana home to them so they can move here and eat all our Huckleberries and Flathead Cherries.

According to the University of Montana Flathead Cherries really are remarkable:

Simply put, it’s the microclimatic effect of Flathead Lake. While the ideal situation doesn’t always exist, it maintains itself most of the time and enough to enable the cherries to flourish - umt.edu

Now, enough with the agriculture lesson. Let's talk about Theo Von (Theodor Capitani von Kurnatowski III). This dude has become a comedy juggernaut in a very short period of time. Between his stand-up, podcast, and guest starring on the Joe Rogans podcast, he's nearly a household name. Known for his offbeat brand and quick comedy wit, this dude is either a straight comedy genius or was dropped on his head, like, a lot.

Recently Theo was digging into a big bag of cherries (I assume Flathead because he explains they are from Montana) on his podcast and decided to explain:

Dude. Everybody say different people have different cherries and stuff. Go to Montana. Get you a sack of them f*cking hitters, boy. Mother nature's G-spot right here boy

- Theo Von

You have to watch the video of him talking about it below:

If you've ever traveled along Lake Flathead, especially toward Big Fork and Whitefish, you know we have plenty to go around in the spring and summer. Even with a huge increase in Montana's population, there should be enough to go around, unless we have another terrible freeze like in 1989.

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