In all the years performing with Scott Weiland, the other members of Stone Temple Pilots have gotten accustomed to having at least one hammered drunk guy onstage. But, now with Scott out of the picture, the fans are taking it upon themselves to fill that void. At a recent show in North Carolina, a fan made his way on the stage during the STP performance of "Interstate Love Song." With their new frontman, Linkin Park's Chester Bennington, no one seemed to mind. But, this fan was slightly inebriated, and still managed to sing along with Bennington. Only to collapse onstage after the end of the song.

Chester said “This guy’s really a f@#king champion right here. I’ve never seen a motherf@#ker jump onstage and hang out, sing, fall backwards, and still be standing here.” Clearly Chester isn't as seasoned as the other members of STP.

On a side note: I do admire Chester's ability to portray Scott Weiland's "style" on stage. Complete with some of the same dance moves. But, he still offers up a fresh sound to the band.

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