Last week we told you about an upcoming release of a new song from the local band Ceres. The band teased the release of the new song, with a short film about how each member of the band has experienced grief and loss. And they understand that they are not the only ones who have lost loved ones.

We have all experienced heartbreak and tragedy. If you haven't then brace yourself because it is bound to happen one day. For the local metal band, Ceres, tragedy and personal loss have affected all of them recently. So much so, that it has inspired them to write a song.

Back in April, Ceres reached out to their fans to share with them stories of lost loved ones.

According to the Ceres Facebook announced in April 2022

We don’t know anyone who hasn’t been hit by some kind of tremendous personal loss in the past 2 years, us as a band included. We want to acknowledge and honor these lost loved ones, and those they’ve left behind. We plan to make a music video memorial in their tribute, and we would like to include our fans’ personal experiences in this memorial.

The heartbreaking video from Ceres has arrived. Watch as the talented group of Montana dudes seamlessly matches up photos and memories from fans with a visually stunning music video.

Check out the NEW Ceres song "Goodbye"

If you haven't already, follow CERES on Facebook for upcoming shows and more content from the band.

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