The only thing that can take my mind off of Shawns departure has to be the promise of Blowing S#*t up this weekend. Whether its just a basic Black Cat or a Big Ass Artilery shell. I will find something to blow up with it. Stuffed animals, coffee cans, a bullfrogs ass... You Name It! Just keep in mind "This isnt Nam Donny, There are rules"

My Girl Shande Wiest From Our Sister Station 1290 KGVO ( has the Deets:

The City of Missoula  is reminding  residents and visitors that fireworks are illegal within the city limits, as well as in county parks and in forested lands throughout the state.

The City’s Independence Day safety and education campaign, “This Isn’t Rocket Science,” encourages the public to continue the Fourth of July tradition safely. Long-established ordinances  banning the use of fireworks within the city limits are in place to increase safety for all residents and
to decrease personal injuries and property loss in fires. Fireworks traumatize pets and lead to lost  dogs after the dogs run in fear. They also disrupt sleep and disturb neighbors.

In Missoula, Parks personnel spend many hours cleaning up fireworks debris in the days following the holiday. To report illegal fireworks activity within the city limits during the holiday, call the fireworks
report line at 258-4850. The report line is operating and will remain online through July 5.