With gas well under two dollars per gallon and dropping another four cents over the past week, Gasbuddy.com Petroleum Analyst Patrick Dehaan says Montana’s falling prices may end soon.

"It's looking really good in Helena where prices, on the low-side, are $1.86, in Missoula $1.89, Billings $1.87 Great Falls $1.90 on the low-side," DeHaan said. "That was a drop of about four cents a gallon over the past week, a little bit of a smaller decline. It looks like we are coming up to the point where, in the next couple weeks, we may see the bottom."

Though gas prices will inevitably stop falling sometime in the near future, DeHaan says that consumers are way better off than they were last year.

"Prices today in Montana are quite a bit under than they were last year," DeHaan said. Looking at state-wide averages, prices today are $1.99 last year they were $3.02."

DeHaan says that even during the summer prices should be in the mid two dollar a gallon range and the days of three dollar a gallon gas are gone.