This is a whole lotta' ginger action right here.

Check out this very impressive cover of Johnny Cash's 'Jackson'. Course Joshua Homme could record himself sleeping and I'd call it very impressive. So obviously I love the Josh parts of the song. And Florence could sing a recipe for poo pancakes and I'd pay $1.29 to download it. In fact, if that were REALLY true, I'd pay a minimum of $10 for the download.

If you're not familiar, Florence Welch is the 'Florence' in Florence + The Machine, a killer British alt band (hear 'Dog Days Are Over', do it). They've taped an episode of 'MTV Unplugged' to be aired this Easter Sunday, April 8. I would call that a fantastical, magical Easter gift.

'Jackson' is about a bored husband and wife who each secretly pine for the bright lights and excitement of the big city. Taking the stage for Florence + the Machine’s taping of ‘MTV Unplugged,’ Florence & Joshua delivered a suitably smoky performance of the song, then followed it up with a his ‘n’ hers version of ‘Try a Little Tenderness’ as made famous by Otis Redding.

You can tell just by looking at Josh's hair that this is gonna' be serious business. I mean look at that outfit, it screams "watch this suckas".

You can't actually SEE the duet until the show airs but you can hear it now.