Nobody said this thing was gonna be easy. The items that Angel posted for you to go out into the world and find were not only creative, but down right frustrating. Somehow, Ashley and Amanda pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and Got.It.Done!!

When they showed up in the studio, dragging Altered Skins "Detail Dave" by the arms, they were literally shaking in excitement. Who wouldn't be?! They were about to find out if they won 10 Floor Foo Tickets, $100 In Altered Skin ink, 10 Foozoola T-Shirts, and a $100 bar tab to the Lucky Strike!

Well.. After the kidnapping charges were dropped by Detail Dave, the toothpicks were counted, the rope was measured and the Angel deemed them worthy, Ashley and Amanda scored the Foo Finders package!!!!

Here were all the items to be "found"
1. Monkey Wrench
2. 72 Mentos (Footos)
3. 6 feet of rope
4. "Everywhere But Home" DVD
5. Mermaid (from the "Resolve" video)
6. 606 Foopicks (606 Studios.. get it?)
7. X-Files Soundtrack
8. "The Pick Of Destiny" DVD
9. Photo of yourself next to a White Limo
10. 1 Foo Fighters t-shirt
11. Detail Dave of Altered Skin

Thanks again to everyone that participated, and of course, Detail Dave of Altered Skin for allowing himself to be kidnapped.

5.26.2011 FOOZOOLA!!!!


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