Adam Stinnett is a seven-year-old from McMinnville, Tenn.

He got in a bit of trouble last week at Bobby Ray Memorial Elementary School -- and the reason he got in trouble is ridiculous.

Adam's older brother is a soldier, having served for the U.S. Army in Afghanistan.

Adam looks up to his big brother and, because of that, he got the same "high and tight" military-style haircut.

But the folks at Bobby Ray Memorial Elementary School decided Adam's haircut was "distracting" and sent him home with a note saying that he needed to shave his head, Nashville's WZTV-TV Fox 17 reported.

Distracting?  How is a military haircut distracting?

Adding to the ridiculousness of all of this is that Bobby Ray Memorial Elementary School was named after a soldier from McMinnville who was killed during the Vietnam War.

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