If you haven't noticed yet, Missoula is pretty big on Soccer. So much so that we have a full day dedicated to it!

I'll be the first to admit, I know absolutely nothing about Soccer. Growing up in a small Montana town, our organized sports were a bit limited, but when I moved to Missoula I was blown away. So many sports are offered to so many age levels. I was genuinely bummed out I never got to play Soccer, especially seeing how much support it had and how popular the sport was in Missoula.

It's such a big deal that the Soccer Alliance of Missoula is hosting "Soccer Day" this Saturday, August 26th at Fort Missoula Regional Park. The day is jam-packed with matches and opportunities to play for all ages and skill levels. Soccer Day will feature:

  • Sentinal and Hellgate HS matches
  • Single Day Flash 7 A Side/Any Gender Tournament. Players must be 18 or older. Register HERE
  • A Griz Soccer/Special Olympian Unified Match
  • Free Play For All Levels and ages 5+ (Supervised by Griz Soccer Players)

Now if playing Soccer isn't really your style, I get it. Thinking of running full speed up and down a field has me out of breath just thinking about it. Don't let that stop you from getting down to the fort to watch and show support. It's Missoula, so of course there will be food and beer at the end of the day. If you would like to volunteer, they would love to have you. You can fill out the form HERE.

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