We are still accepting submissions to be part of the Blaze Ghost Hunt team, for our upcoming paranormal investigation of the Old Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge. You and a friend could join 96.3 The Blaze and Tortured Souls Investigations for a creepy night in jail.

All you need to do is submit a spooky experience you may have had, or just reasons why you should be part of this year's annual ghost hunt. If you are chosen, you will be part of our biggest investigation yet. As we are going to attempt to uncover what is REALLY going on in one of the most haunted places in Montana.

Tina T submitted a story recently, that describes what she believes to be the ghost of her deceased grandmother saying "Goodbye" after her passing.

When I was 13, I took care of my elderly great-grandmother. After she had passed, I was taking a nap in my parents room and fell into a very deep sleep due to the emotion of loosing a loved one. While I was sleeping, I could feel a very cold hand stroke my arm and my forehead. I tried and tried to open my eyes but couldn't. Once the cold sensation was done, I opened my eyes and no one was in the room. I went out to the living room and asked my family if someone had been in the room to check on me. No one had. I believe it was my grandmother saying goodbye. Also, I've been a massage therapist/energy worker for 25 years. In that time my "spider senses" have become more in tune, I tend to be able to see things others cant, including the ghosts of people and pets that has passed. I often see them walking between buildings!

SUBMIT your story before Midnight on 10/12 for a chance to be part of the Blaze Ghost Hunting Crew.

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