Let's face it. Montana loves their steak. We are a state who has a large chunk of the global cattle industry in our backyards. Finding good steak is easy and we take advantage of it every chance we get. But, just the quality of a steak is a small part of enjoying it. How it is prepared has been something that has been debated for centuries. I have had steaks cooked in many different ways. I have had them pan-fried, smoked, grilled, poached in butter, and even deep-fried while stuck on the end of a pitchfork. Regardless of how it is cooked, it all comes down to temperature. I prefer my steak rare. Not still "mooing," but just rare enough that it is slightly chill in the center. Maybe it is the caveman in me? Or maybe it is just being born and raised around fresh beef? That is my preference.

How do other Montanans like their steaks cooked?

The folks at Zippia are at it again, as they scoured the internet for search data on America's preferred way to cook a steak.

According to their study, here is how they came up with the answer.

To hash out each states’ favorite way to have their steak cooked we turned to Google Trends. After all, when you’re grilling it’s a fairly common occurrence to double check your cook time to get the steak just right (or well done and just wrong).

We then aggregated the search trends for the common degrees you can cook steak. From there, we determined what steak type is searched a disproportionately, high amount in each state.

After concluding their study, they discovered some terrifying facts about some states in the US. A whopping 17 states seem to prefer their steaks WELL DONE! Which is complete blasphemy, in my opinion. Some of those states include Texas, California, Washington, and Nevada.

How does Montana prefer their steaks? Thankfully, we like to play it safe. Montanans like their steaks cooked, but still a little pink. Medium rare was the choice for many of us under the Big Sky.

Check out what other states' preferences are when it comes to the art of a perfectly cooked steak.

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