With their new disc ‘The Strange Case Of…’ blazing up the charts, recently wrapping up the Mass Chaos tour with Godsmack and Staind and currently preparing for the Carnival of Madness tour to kick off later this summer, it’s no surprise that fans are enamored by Halestorm and their music, but according to Lzzy Hale, it’s a two way street.

“Our fans have become so inspiring and we know a lot of them personally,” explained Hale. “In the beginning you decide to go one way or the other – you’re either mysterious and all Maynard-ish (referring to Tool’s frontman) or you put it all out there and we put it all out there.”

Putting it all out there means truly embracing their fans and everything they bring to the table – even song ideas. In a new interview backstage at the MMRBQ, Hale talked about one little girl in particular who was the inspiration behind one of their new tunes. “This little girl was, I think she was about 11 or 12 when she came to her first rock show, which was our show,” Hale recounts. “She came with her parents and became obsessed and got a guitar. Long story short – she can play ‘Eruption’ from Eddie Van Halen. She’s a shredder and she’s amazing.”

But that wasn’t the end of it; Hale also received a personal letter from the young fan. “She wrote me this letter about that show and about how it changed the course of her life and what she wanted to do with her life,” Hale continued. “I literally took the letter into one of our sessions and said ‘Guys we have to write a song about her;’ so we did.”

Indeed they did! That song would become their hit anthem ‘Rock Show’ and make it on to the band’s latest disc along with a dedication to the fan that inspired it. Now that’s definitely putting it all out their for their fans.

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