What a night! Halestorm, New Medicine and Emphatic all rocked The Wilma last night. I'm not sure if the show was completely sold out, but I would be very surprised if it was not. I had been waiting to see New Medicine for a long time. Every time they made it to Missoula I had been out of town for some reason or another.... Box checked!  As soon as I heard them start playing "Race You To The Bottom," I ran to the front and started jumping around like a crazy chick. Sadly, I missed Emphatic's set BUT I caught up with them before they left town today and chatted it up with Patrick:


Emphatic Interview Part 1:

Emphatic Interview Part 2:

Getting to interview Emphatic made my day and made the post-concert hangover a little more tolerable. However, on every ice cream sunday you have to have the cherry on top to complete the dish:

Jake of New Medicine Interview:

I didn't get to talk to Halestorm at all, but I did have an encounter. I parked my car by the bus area and this light brown/blondish haired lady with a hoodie walked past me and smiled as she said "Hey!" I replied with a "Sup!" and didn't think twice about it. The last time I saw Halestorm Lzzy had short, black, Joan Jett-style hair. As soon as I saw her on stage that night, holy scheisse, it was the hoodie chick! I seriously want to clone myself just so I can give original me a slap in the face, or at least a disapproving head shake, when this stuff happens.

Want to re-live the awesomeness of last night? We got pictures for ya!

And here's some more shots from our live feed from the show:

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