When it comes to proof of the paranormal, you never really get to SEE any solid evidence. With all the "Ghost Hunting" genre shows on TV, they never really offer up any REAL SOLID evidence. You would think that with all the fancy gear and equipment they pack around, that they would find something. But 9 out of 10 times they come up with jack squat. There is an interesting piece of evidence that was caught on the Travel channel show "Ghost Adventures" that rocketed the paranormal group into instant fame.

Even though I think that the group of dudes that are part of the "Ghost Adventures" crew are a bunch of d-bags, this video always gives me the creeps. But for the most part, physical evidence is few and far between and most likely can be de-bunked.

The one piece of evidence that I do believe in, is the EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). Defined as : recordings of voice or voice-like sounds that are not audible to the human ear. The frequencies of these sounds are reportedly well below the range of sounds that can be perceived by the human ear. Typically, but not always, they are short having a length of only one word or a short phrase.

I don't know if is my career in radio or just the mass amounts of evidence, that makes me so fascinated in EVP, but it is very strange and unexplained. Keep in mind that most EVPs cannot be heard with the "naked ear". Most audio that you think is just static can be amplified and you can hear things that you never know were there. Kind of like how a dog can hear a dog whistle but you can't. Most EVPs are recorded below 20 hz (hertz). 20 hz is the lowest audible range humans can hear. But if you amplify the "static" you can start to make out things you thought were not there. The following is a clip of a EVP that did not involve amplification. Is it real? You decide.

Granted you would like to call "Bull S#!t"... But if you open your ears and REALLY listen sometimes, you can hear things that are not there. For example: Growing up in Eastern Montana, I have always been fascinated by The Little Bighorn Battlefield. You know? The place where George Custer got his ass handed to him by the Sioux. I spent lots of time there when I was younger and would find arrowheads and even brass buttons from Calvary soldiers uniforms. One website that I find myself constantly reviewing is one from a dude who accidentally discovered a bunch of EVPs on some vacation video that he took at the Little Bighorn. He amplified some of the audio on his VHS recording and discovered some interesting things. Read the descriptions that explain before listening. Some things caught on the audio are actual historical fact which makes it even more interesting.

Check out the website and keep checking back for more Haunted Montana Blogs as we get ready for Halloween.