Fans of the Missoula-based beer company, Big Sky Brewing, already know this phrase. A phrase that is synonymous with how many Montanans take on a challenge. The Phrase "Hold my beer and watch this." A phrase that sums up most of our mentality when it comes to handling tough or even dangerous situations. We are more than happy to attempt whatever task you put in front of us. But we are also careful not to spill our beer.

We have been following the Instagram fan page, "Tourons of Yellowstone" for some time now. The fan page features videos of people behaving badly while visiting Yellowstone National Park. This page has everything from the typical tourist getting charged by an angry bison, to a video of a complete dummy testing to see if the geothermic water is HOT.

WARNING! Language

Another video has surfaced on the Instagram page that shows a great way to not only get gored by a wild animal but also how to guarantee you will spill your beer in the process. That is of course if you don't have someone nearby to say the phrase "Hold my beer and watch this." The short video clip features a man attempting to share his beer with an annoyed bull elk. The man is enjoying what we here in Montana call a "yellowjacket" (aka Coors Banquet). The elk seems like more of a Miller or Budweiser fan, as he doesn't react nicely to the kind offering from a human.

Check out "Tourons of Yellowstone" on Instagram. Learn how NOT to behave while visiting Yellowstone National Park, or just how to properly handle an encounter with Montana wildlife.

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