No one likes to admit they made a mistake. But many of us have made them, and unfortunately mistakes made in ink are permanent. OR ARE THEY?

You may have thought Joe or Mindy would be “the one.” You may have thought you’d really love the Tasmanian Devil, or the Mickeys bee forever, but when reality strikes, that’s where LACY ZEE comes in.

Lacy Zee’s paint club is going to pick one tattoo and make it a new and beautiful work of art!

Lacy Zee’s paint club is an artistic service center specializing in the highest quality tattoo art as well as custom paint, special effects makeup, and it also a dance studio.

Simply enter our contest by submitting a picture of your current tattoo and why you want it changed. If you have a description of what you would like it changed to, be sure to include that, too. The on-air staff will pick a winner by voting for their favorites. At the end of this month, someone is getting a remodel!!!!

Enter to win now and be sure to check out Lacy Zee’s Facebook page for more about the paint club!

Update: submissions are now closed.

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