55 year-old Gerald Wight is in the Missoula County Jail with scrapes to his face after resisting arrest by personnel with the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office.

According to court documents, Wight was stopped by Captain Rio who called for backup because Wight was not being cooperative. It was determined that Wight had an outstanding warrant out of Lake County.

Captain Rio and a deputy instructed Wight to exit his vehicle.

When Wight pulled away, the deputy placed him in an arm bar while Captain Rio attempted to place handcuffs on him. At one point Wight attempted to grab the deputy’s gun magazines on his duty belt and was taken to the ground.

At that point Wight assaulted the deputy causing him severe pain. Wight was eventually placed in handcuffs and transported to the jail where his BAC was measured at .117.

At his Justice Court appearance on Thursday, Wight was charged with felony assault on a peace officer, DUI and resisting arrest.

His bond was set at $10,000 and he was remanded back to the jail.

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