Today, Dr. Alex Apostle informed staff, students and parents of Sentinel High School of his decision to formally appoint Ted Fuller as Principal, and Margo Duneman as Assistant Principal, joining Brian Fortmann, who is currently serving as Assistant Principal.

Fuller and Duneman were hired as Interim Principal and Interim Assistant Principal respectively in September. In the past four months both leaders have made a mark on the school and the three-person leadership team of Fuller – Fortmann- Duneman is strongly supporting the school into the future.

"We gave our staff the opportunity to make that decision with input from both students and parents, and we're very happy with the results," Apostle said. "We have an excellent staff over at Sentinel, and I think we're gping to continue to see Sentinel do great things based on their decision to appoint Ted Fuller and .Margo Dunneman. We require a lot from our leaders, and we believe that Ted and Margo will provide the strength that we need."

Fuller was the Assistant Principal at Hellgate High School for 13 years before accepting the opportunity to lead at Sentinel High School. Duneman worked as an English teacher at Sentinel for the past 15 years.

The prior officials, Principal Tom Blakely and Vice Principal Libby Oliver were accused of engaging in behavior that violated school board policy on August 11. Blakely has since retired and Oliver is now serving the district at Hellgate High School.


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