Metallica’s “Atlas, Rise!” is only a few months old and it’s already inspiring ridiculous covers! Somebody managed to grab some footage of James Hetfield laughing and placed it exactly in time with the Hardwired… to Self-Destruct cut.

Ever wonder what lies on the other side of a YouTube wormhole? If you’re a metalhead, it’s almost certainly going to be Metallica-related. Whether it’s a smooth jazz version of “Enter Sandman,” “Battery” being rocked on a banjo or a compilation of silly Lars Ulrich faces, YouTube always has something stupidly silly to offer.

Today’s prize in the game of internetz is “Atlas, Laugh!” It’s gloriously put together by a YouTuber called Lars Von Retriever, who actually has a bunch of “Laugh Covers” featuring Metallica and even one from Slipknot. It’s a decent way to kill time, plus, Hetfield’s laughing keeps the tempo tighter than Lars’ drumming. Ohhhhhhhhh snap!

Check out this bizarre “Atlas, Rise!” cover in the clip above!

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