Vinyl is big business, especially if you're a Misfits fan and a rare 7" is going for over $10,000.

This in-demand platter was a limited release back in 1977 featuring the song "Cough / Cool" on the A-side with "She" as the B-side. Only 500 copies of the vinyl were pressed, but part of what is driving the demand is that this is the lone appearance of drummer Manny Martinez on a Misfits record.

Martinez was one of the first hirings of Danzig as he was putting together the Misfits and "Cough / Cool" was their first single. The Misfits, in this incarnation, featured Glenn Danzig on vocals and electric piano, Jerry Caiafa (whose name was misspelled on the record sleeve) on bass and Martinez rocking the drumkit.

As Caiafa's name was misspelled, he would later asked to be billed as "Jerry, only Jerry" and eventually the stage name Jerry Only was born. Martinez's stint was brief, with the band shortly replacing him with a drummer known as Mr. Jim.

Discogs, the online music marketplace, recently posted their wrap-up for the month of January, revealing that the largest amount of cash spent on a vinyl release during the month was the $10,877 price paid by a collector to own this Misfits rarity.

The song was recorded at Rainbow Studio in New York and as stated was limited to a run of just 500 copies.

You can see more of the most expensive items sold through Discogs for the month of January here.

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