As Montana-born Sean O'Malley continues to make waves in the UFC, other Montana fighters are fighting their way to the top.

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Missoula's own Sawyer Depee continues his quest for Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship glory. 

What is the "BKFC Prospect Series?"

BKFC is embarking on a search for the next great fighter. With the "Prospect Series," up-and-coming bare-knuckle fighters, from fighter tryouts and the amateur circuit, get their shot at the big time.

Sawyer Depee has announced that he will enter the ring yet again on May 31st in Denver, Colorado. His opponent Keegan Vandermeer, is a 32-year-old fighter from Utah.

According to the BKFC Fight Card

Keegan Vandermeer is an American boxer with a Muay Thai background fighting in the BKFC. He cut his teeth in amateur Muay Thai and amateur boxing back in 2020. Vandermeer has earned the reputation of a dangerous power puncher who is never in a fight that goes the distance.


Deppe vs Vandermeer is slated as the main event for the upcoming fights on May 31st. Fighting in a cruiserweight bout. 10 additional fights are scheduled for the Denver portion of the Prospect Series.

You can watch some of Depee's previous fights and learn how to stream the upcoming fight LIVE. Check out the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship website for more details and plan on cheering on our local fighter Sawyer on the 31st.

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I came up with a random thought the other day. "If I were to get in a fight with every mascot in the Big Sky Conference, how many of those fights could I win?" For clarification: I am fighting whatever animal/person the team's nickname is (Grizzlies, Bobcats, etc.) in a one-on-one setting. No outside weapons being used, just a classic mano e mano fight.

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