Well, it was only a matter of time - the announcement finally came through yesterday that the Missoula Paddleheads won't get to play at all this baseball season.

It's not just them, either - Minor League Baseball as a whole is shut down for the year, marking the first time in the organization's history that no baseball will be played. The announcement comes on the heels of Major League Baseball struggling to get a shortened season off the ground, which will supposedly start on July 23rd.

Here's the official statement the Paddleheads made in response to the announcement in their newsletter:

Like everyone throughout the Minor League Baseball community – fans, players, team personnel, and staff members – we are disappointed we will not be able to have Missoula PaddleHeads baseball at Ogren Park Allegiance Field this season. This is an unprecedented time in the sports world (and our world as a whole), and we appreciate your understanding as difficult decisions are made in light of the current situation in which sports teams and leagues across the country find themselves.  We look forward to the return of professional baseball to Missoula next season and are focused to make it better than ever for our community and fans.

It seemed like the Paddleheads figured this would probably happen, which is why they've been planning so many other events at Ogren Park for the summer. Centerfield Cinema has been a huge success, and they've been hosting Trivia on Tuesdays and Happy Hour on Fridays. So at least the ballpark will still be in use, even if we have to wait a while before we get to see the team play again.

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