It is always so odd to be randomly wandering through the internet only to stumble across a trending video from Missoula. I have always been a fan of dashcam footage because it shows undeniable proof of how stupid people can be when behind the wheel.

With the winter weather rolling in and creating treacherous driving conditions, I'm surprised we don't have more footage. I have been shaking my fist angrily at people for days now. Mad that they still insist on driving like clowns, regardless of the road conditions.

Of course, the video doesn't offer any description of where the video was taken but spend a few seconds studying the signs and you will see that this incident took place heading east between the Van Buren exit and the East Missoula exit of I-90.


We don't know the details of what led to this scene. But, if I were to make an assumption, it was a spark of road rage from your stereotypical Missoula driver. Not to mention the stereotype is strongly enforced by the fact that the driver is in a Subaru. The "Subee" brake checks a big rig in an effort to prove a point. Then the Subaru driver slows down and immediately tries to cut off the truck at highway speed. Let's just say that things don't end well for the "Subee."

Play stupid games...Win stupid prizes!

Keep it CLASSY Missoula drivers....

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