The Missoula County Attorney’s Office charged 11 new criminal complaints this week. According to County Attorney Kirsten Pabst, four of those cases involved interpersonal violence.

“One was an assault with a weapon in which the defendant allegedly stabbed her partner with two different knives,” Pabst said. “There was also a strangulation plus a partner or family member assault. The third was an assault with a weapon, aggravated assault, partner or family member assault second offense, and criminal mischief. The fourth case was a deliberate homicide. In that case, the defendant allegedly shot his father in their home and then call 911 approximately 21 hours later.”

Pabst said there was another case in which the defendant allegedly attempted a carjacking and assaulted the owner of the vehicle.

“We charged one endangerment case and that was a felony DUI,” Pabst said. “That defendant was arrested after two people called 911 saying that he was allegedly passed out behind the wheel of his car. There were two property crimes. In one, the defendant allegedly broke into an assisted living facility. In the other, the defendant was allegedly in possession of a stolen vehicle and then provided a false name.”

In addition, Pabst said her officer charged three new drug cases. One was possession of illegal prescription drugs, another was possession of heroin, and the third was possession of methamphetamine.

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