The Missoula County Attorney’s Office filed nine new felony complaints this week. County Attorney Kirsten Pabst said that is the lowest amount since February, which she says is a welcome relief.

“Of those nine, four fall into the violent crime category,” Pabst said. “One was a partner or family member assault second offense and another was a partner or family member assault third offense. We also charged two non-family related cases and zero endangerment cases. In the drug category, we charged two new cases.”

Pabst said one of those cases was possession of dangerous drugs with intent to sell. Both cases involved methamphetamine.

“In the property crimes category, we charged three new cases and all of them were burglaries,” Pabst said. “They all involved allegations that an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend entered the residence after the break up and after their authority to be in that residence was clearly terminated. One also involved the theft of a truck.”

In one of the non-family violent cases, the defendant was charged with robbery, kidnapping, and intimidation.

“In that case, the defendant was allegedly angry with the victim over an unpaid debt,” Pabst said. “The defendant located the victim in a residence, blocked the door handle with a skateboard so the victim couldn’t escape, repeatedly punched him, and took his phone. The defendant then took the victim to the victim’s vehicle and drove him around Missoula saying things like ‘what am I going to do with you’ and ‘when am I going to get my money?’ The defendant then allegedly put a gun in the victim’s mouth and told him not to tell anyone what had happened before finally letting him go.”

You can listen to Pabst’s entire report below:

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