So, we understand that this crazy Craigslist ad is from nearly 14 years ago. But, it has got to be one of the most bizarre things we have found on the internet in quite some time. And, it originated right here in Montana.

So, here is a quick rundown of what the ad is all about. You see, we all have our favorite pets. While most pet owners have dogs and cats, some have pet snakes, lizards, tarantulas, and even doves. As a father, I have had multiple propositions from my son to bring on more and more furry little additions to my family. I don't look at the opportunity as "awe, isn't he cute," I immediately turn to the "we are looking at at least a 13-14 year commitment." In the case of birds, that could be up to a 40-60-year commitment.

In the case of this bizarre Craigslist ad, one bird owner is sick of his wife's pet bird. The bird just won't die. The author of the ad says that the pet dove has been in their family for over fifteen years. But it just "likes life too much." So this Missoula man comes up with a sinister plan.


He figures that all doves look the same. So, why not trade someone the live bird for a dead one? You know, do the old switcharoo? He figures, that his wife won't let him kill the bird, so he needs a bird whose "death appears to be of natural causes." You bring him a dead bird, and he will give you a live one. Just like Cousin Tony from the movie "Corky Romano."

Don't believe me? Read the full ad for yourself.

It sounds crazy, but we hope that "Baby" the ringneck dove lived out the rest of his life happy and healthy. Being that the ad was placed 14 years ago, we assume "Baby" has flown over the "Rainbow Bridge" by now.

RIP "Baby" the ringneck dove

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