It is that time of year, the season when you make a point to try and freak yourself out. Some people take strolls through graveyards while others just turn off the lights and watch scary movies. But, scary movies are not always scary. They always seem to have terrible reviews. Even some of the best scary movies of all time have 3-star ratings. Why is that? It is probably because people think that what they are going to watch is something that really is happening. Something that is not only based on a true story but actually happened...Then there is the scene where the "monster" finally reveals itself, and we are all let down. "Look, you can see the lines from the rig controlling the monster," you say. Or "The CGI in this movie is terrible, you can tell that is not real blood."

The really scary stuff is the stuff that you can't explain. Things that happened in real life, and are by definition "paranormal." Those are the kind of spooky movies you should watch this holiday season. If you are looking for something creepy, and a little closer to home, then check out the documentary "Tortured Souls of Western Montana." This movie discusses the REAL hauntings of locations we are all familiar with. Plus, to add even more of a creepy vibe to the following documentary, it features yours truly as the narrator. What could go wrong?

Thanks to our friends at Tortured Souls Investigations and make sure to like their Facebook fan page.

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