I ran into a situation recently, where my maturity was questioned. For those who really KNOW me, I don't plan on growing up ever. But, a person has to be an adult from time to time. When faced with the option to do laundry and taxes or play a 6 hour session of video games, I chose NOT to be an adult. But, it turns out, men in Montana are not as immature as guys in other states.

In classic Estately style, they compiled 6 metrics to rank each state on their level of maturity. Montana is a manly state, ranking 47th for amount of immaturity.


The 6 metrics Estately used to rank each state were:

  1. No Job (unemployment rate for each state)
  2. Fantasy Football Enthusiasm (expressed interest for fantasy football by male Facebook users ages 25-65 in each state)
  3. Beer Pong Enthusiasm  (expressed interest for beer pong by male Facebook users ages 25-65 in each state)
  4. Video Game Enthusiasm (expressed interest for video games by male Facebook users ages 25-65 in each state)
  5. Enthusiasm for watching The Family Guy (expressed interest for The Family Guy by male Facebook users ages 25-65 in each state)
  6. Porn Viewership (number of porn downloads per capita in each state)

See the full breakdown of how Montana ranked for the amount of immature men.