This weekend expect hundreds of people to be in Missoula for one of the fastest growing sports in our area Lacrosse, as the high school championships are taking place this weekend. The fast paced action will kick off Friday May 20th and is set to wrap up Sunday the 22nd, the games will take place at the University of Montana Fields, and is being hosted on by Hellgate Lacrosse. If you want more information, there is a Facebook page set up, click here.

Here is the schedule of games:

Girls High School Schedule:

Saturday, May 21st:
Game 1: 10:00AM- Dornblaser- Girls #4 (Helena) vs Girls #5 (Flathead)
Game 2: 12:00PM-Dornblaser- Girls #2 (Bozeman) vs Girls #3 (Hellgate)
Game 3: 2:00PM- Dornblaser- Girls #1 (Big Sky) vs Winner of #4/#5 (Helena/Flathead)
Game 4: 4:00PM- Dornblaser- Girls Loser of #2/#3 (Bozeman/Hellgate) vs Girls Loser of #4/#5 (Helena/Flathead)

Sunday, May 22nd:
Game 5: 9:00AM- Washington Grizzly Stadium- Winner of Game 4 vs Loser of Game 3
Game 6: 1:00PM- Washington Grizzly Stadium- Championship- Winner of Game 3 vs Winner of #2/#3 (Game 2)

11:00AM All-State Awards Ceremony- Washington Grizzly Stadium

Boys JV schedule:
SAT - 10 AM - #1 Bozeman JV White vs #4 Bozeman JV Red
SAT - 12 PM - #2 Helena JV vs #3 Hellgate JV
SAT - 3 PM - Boys JV 3rd Place Game
SAT - 4 PM - Boys JV State Championship
Boys Varsity schedule:
*The following games will be played at UM Riverbowl Fields
FRI - 5PM - Flathead (#3 West) vs Butte (#6 East)
FRI - 5PM - Bozeman (#3 East) vs Big Sky (#6 West)
FRI - 7PM - Billings Senior (#4 East) vs 10sticks (#5 West)
FRI - 7PM - Sentinel (#4 West) vs Great Falls (#5 East)
SAT - 11AM - Hellgate (#1 West) vs Winner Senior/10sticks
SAT - 11AM - Billings West (#1 East) vs Winner Sentinel/GF
SAT - 1PM - Helena (#2 East) vs Winner Flathead/Butte
SAT - 1PM - Northwest (#2 West) vs Winner Bozeman/Big Sky
*The following games will be played at Wash-Griz Stadium
SAT - 6PM - Semi-Final #1
SAT - 8PM - Semi-Final #2
SUN - 3:30PM - Boys Varsity State Championship


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