There's a lot of angry Green Bay Packers fans right now, and rightfully so -- It's pretty bad when even Seahawk fans are agreeing with you.

In case you missed it, though I'm not sure how you couldn't have at least seen the replay by now, the Seahawks were awarded a touchdown during a Hail Mary play for a catch that is widely seen to be an interception by the Green Bay Packers.

The controversial call was the last of many that occurred during the game, and many more that have been criticized this season in regards to the replacement refs who have been officiating this season. (Replacement refs, who have been brought up from lower divisions of college football, are being used in place of the regular officials who are in the midst of a labor dispute with the NFL.)

To add insult to injury, Drew Brees voiced his frustrations with the replacement refs just hours before the Seahawks - Packers finale debacle. While many fans may not have agreed with him prior to the Sept. 24 MNF game, the refs sure did prove his point again and again during that game -- and unfortunately for them, his interview aired after the game's concerning conclusion.

Fans are dealing with this situation by venting in various ways, especially via social media networks. Now, thanks to Wisconsin State Senator Jon Erpanbach, you can also explain your frustrations directly to the head-honcho himself. The morning after the "worst call in NFL history," Epranbach posted the commissioner's phone number on Twitter.

You can leave a message for nfl commish roger goodell at 212 450 2027.#NFL

— Jon Erpenbach (@JonErpenbach) September 25, 2012


While calling and leaving a message might not seem like it will make a huge difference, the NFL is set to address this big controversial call today, Sept. 25.