The Hamilton High School Bronc football team had a successful homecoming game Friday night, October 9, against the Whitefish Bulldogs. The final score was Hamilton 54 Whitefish 23. The Class A Broncs dominated the scoring again, breaking through a 35-point lead in the 3rd quarter with a 41 to 10 score to activate the Montana High School Association Clock Run rule, where the clock continues to run, except for very few instances, for the rest of the game. The Broncs have been doing that regularly this season.

Hamilton want ahead in the first quarter with three touchdowns by Eli Taylor on Tyson Rostad passes. Two PATs failed and Hamilton was ahead 19 to 0 at the beginning of the second quarter. That that quarter, Whitefish started their scoring with a TD of their own, and then after intercepting Rostad, they marched down the field for a field goal. But Rostad and Hamilton came roaring back with two more touchdowns to bring the score to 34 to 10 at the half.

In the third period, Hamilton scored two more times, bringing the score to 48 to 10. In the final period, Whitefish scored 6 points, followed by Hamilton with their own TD, but Whitefish had the final score of the evening, bringing the final tally to Hamilton 54 Whitefish 23. Hamilton remains undefeated this season.

The game ends an odd week at Hamilton High School, where COVID-19 caused a one-day class shutdown while contact tracing was completed on an infection. Meanwhile in Stevensville, another Class A school, COVID-19 infections caused the school board to cancel all that district's in-person classes Thursday, Friday and next Monday. Stevensville plans to return to classes on Tuesday. Other schools throughout Montana are facing shifting schedules due to the coronavirus.

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