The news of the wildfire on the east side of Flathead Lake has been devastating. It has claimed a number of family homes and other structures. But, how many houses and structures have been lost so far? According to our latest update from Fire Information Officer C.C. Camel "We don't have a definite number right now but it's close to 20,” he said. “It started at Mile Marker 9 and is currently right around a mile marker 11 and then also up the Mission (Mountains) about mid slope. As of now, the fire is 1,150 acres."

As the fire continues to wreak havoc on the east side of the lake, Finlay Point has been severely affected. After residents were evacuated early Sunday morning, they were lucky to escape before the fire came down. But, in the chaos and confusion, it appears some pets were left behind. One cat, in particular, seems to have narrowly escaped becoming a casualty of the fire.

According to the Facebook Post from Life Savers Animal Rescue President Lynette Hinshaw-Duford

This black cat definitely has nine lives and it used one of them today! This cat was forced out onto a cliff on Finley point today by the fire and after the fire reached the edge of the cliff, the cat jumped into a fur tree and that’s what saved its life! This Finley Point firefighter Bryce Muench was able to hold a tree branch out and convince the cat to crawl down that branch into his arms! It has been singed pretty good and I think it’s having some upper respiratory issues but so far it’s doing well and getting vet care.

In the latest update from Life Savers Animal Rescue, the owners of the cat have been found and they are excited to be reunited. But, it is their understanding that unfortunately the family did lose their home in the fire.

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