Summer is here, and that means people are showing a little more skin. For me, it's sleeveless all summer. In fact, I just cut the sleeves off of a few more of my favorite shirts. Why? Maybe because I'm a smidge redneck. Maybe it's more comfortable on hot days. Or, maybe I got 2 tickets to the gun show and want to show off my ink. I would say a good mixture of all of the above. The bottom line, the hotter it gets the more skin we see. Summer is the best time for showing off some of your tattoo art. But, what tattoos are the most popular tattoos in Montana? Skulls? Butterflies? Is Calvin pissing on a Ford emblem? The folks at Zippia are back at it this week, crunching the data to come up with each state's most popular tattoo.

According to Zippia, this is how they came up with the results

Using Google Trends, we determined what tattoo each state gets more than any other state, using search proxy as a way to measure tattoo intent.

Google searches are a great way to learn more about people, because it’s become one of the main ways people do research. In fact, people use it for everything from asking why the sky is blue to figuring out what to get permanently inked on their body.


matthews ferrero via
matthews ferrero via

In the end, the results are really not that surprising for Montana. I would have assumed Montanans had more antler or deer tattoos than other states. But, Montana is actually the one state that has more "Gun" tattoos than any other state.

See results from other states in the country.

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