Dear Colorado,

We here in Montana have recently noticed that our sleepy state has been found. A state that was once hard to explain to people where it is located, is now a trending topic all over the world. I still remember having to almost pull out a map of the US, just to point out Montana. I would typically just default to using keywords like "Yellowstone" and "Glacier Park" to describe our entire state. Colorado does not require much explanation of where it is located.

Now, it seems that Montana is on the lips of everyone, including A-list celebrities. Montana is quickly developing the same reputation among celebrities as your state has for decades now. Our small mountain towns are quickly becoming filled with vacation homes for anyone with money to spend. Ski hills and resorts are quickly turning into upscale travel destinations, like your very own Aspen or Vail. Land is quickly being sold and fenced off, restricting public access to public land.

What can we do to slow down the transformation?

We just recently took a play out of your book and legalized recreational marijuana. So far, the image of a state filled with stoners hasn't deterred people from moving here. We love our guns just as much as you do. But, that only seems to frighten the people too ignorant to understand the Second Amendment. We even have giant military installations just like yours making us possible targets for attack should WW3 ever officially kick off. Yet people keep coming.

Soon, idiots in custom sheepdog vans are going to be making cross-country trips to

A place where the beer flows like wine. Where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano....

"Talking about a little place called Big Sky!"

Any advice helps.

Thank you for your time



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