I had to type the date in the title because this isn't the first, nor the last time that Josh will toss some dummy around (to my great delight.)

Jonathan Wood, Getty Images

QOTSA were playing a show in Florida on Tuesday (February 4) night when some a-hole jumped on stage like he owned the place. Believe me, I get wanting to be next to your favorite bands, but not in the middle of their set.

Josh never takes kindly to this type of behavior so instead of waiting for security to kick the dudes ass, he roughs him up a little before picking him up and tossing him into the crowd. He then gets back behind the mic and says some pretty funny s**t, including "I don't care if you love me, you can stay right there dude, you're lucky I didn't f**k you up" and "I'm here to play for you not jerk you off".

Back in the day, that guy's ass woulda been grass, in his rant he explains it's because he's becoming mellow as he gets older. Josh never lets me down, I loved this clip.

The quality of the video is fairly crappy, go to 1:17 for the good stuff.