Super stoked to check this thing out. The Carmike 10 is now the Carmike 12. They have built 2 new theaters called the "BIG D". We are talking screens that are 3 stories tall, a booming sound system and leather reclining chairs.

Check out the virtual walkthrough that "The Tallest DJ in America" Arron Traylor caught as he is broadcasting live at the Carmike.


Click play now to be one of the first to see what the new “Carmike 12″ has in store for our city. It’s not the greatest footage in the world, filmed with my iPhone 4 in standard def. (After all, we wanted to be the first to get it to you!) however it does definitely give you an amazing sneak peek of a theater that is sure to be frequented often by movie lovers all over the region.

The screen is unbelievably massive. The leather seats are the best you’ll ever sit in, and the sound… the sound is unrivaled. And now you are about to tour it before anyone else…