Western Montana skiers should be happy, according to the snow-sports enthusiast website “Snow Brains” three of the top ten ski resorts for snow pack are Lost Trail, Blacktail Mountain, and Snowbowl. Ray Nickless at the National Weather Service said snowpack is definitely above normal.

"It is above the median as far as if we look at the water content in the snow; That's still a good indication of the overall snowfall in inches you've gotten also," Nickless said. "It does look really good across most of the mountains across Montana here. The Bitterroot River Basin and some of the mountains in the Bitterroot are really doing well."

Nickless said the Sno-Tell sites are reporting a lot more water than usual.

"The Natural Resource Conservation Service has a site down in the southern Bitterroot. It's called Saddle Mountain which is just above Lost Trail Ski Area," Nickless said. "There's currently 18.9 inches of water in that snowpack. On typical years, you're typically seeing 14.1."

The snowpack isn’t limited to the Bitterroot. A snow-tell in the Mission Mountains below Kalispell is reporting 27.8 inches of water, which far above the median amount of 19.4 inches.

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